Backpack on Board

Wherever you like to roam, a backpack on board sure helps. You can load it with essential items such as basic toiletries, a sewing and/or first-aid kit, travel books, and more. There are so many to choose from that it can become an insanely complicated decision.

Units that are waterproof and easy to clean stand out as good choices – and if you’re like me, although you’re not a 22 year old hippie that is backpacking around Europe anymore, having the right luggage is essential for an enjoyable travel experience. Hiking and moving about in the countryside entails some hearty weather at times. Remember, you can keep raingear inside! Meanwhile, space is essential with pockets (zippered preferred) and recesses for sorting special items like a cell phone, protein bars, money, medicine, and the like. It is a blessing when you need something fast to find it in a flash.

Backpacks come in luxurious models in nice leather in black and tan or a plastic hybrids in bright colors. It might be nice to identify yours at a glance by its hue, size, tags, or other surface features. This is practical if you travel in groups. What is not practical is a really expensive status bag that will be marred and otherwise damaged in no time. Select a good, strong backpack that holds everything but isn’t too heavy or cumbersome. It’s important to remember when looking at backpacks that the best backpacks are very much about your personal preferences. The designers know what they are doing, so don’t worry too much. Scan the available models and see what you think will work best for your needs based on destination, amount of storage required, weight, etc.

Some packs can be converted by altering the position of the straps: lengthening or shortening for example. You can then have a handheld tote in minutes. This might come in handy when entering civilization so you don’t look too rural when dining out, entering a tourist shrine, and the like. The idea is convenience and simple adaptation. Again, assess your needs when making a purchase. Price will also be a major factor; but when it comes down to it, usage counts more than economy.

A word about the lining: you should be able to wipe it down without harming delicate materials like leather or suede. In fact, it should be cleanable with soap and water or a solution. Things will spill so this is a vital point in keeping the backpack new-looking and smelling nice. You may be an outbacker, but your belongings need urban treatment. A little style also never hurt anyone and packs are quite chic these days. Ladies, in particular, will appreciate this fact and can use them double duty in their daily lives for the gym or as a baby bag. If you can get the laptop in there to go to the local coffee shop, so much the better.

Making life less difficult is important no matter where you go and what you do. Selecting the right backpack is up there with good nutrition, cleanliness, and health. It could be that important if you are a well-traveled regular. The more seasoned experience you have, the more you will know what we mean. Stowing gear for an outdoor trip is an art, and the right backpack will practically do it for you. Get organized and get ready for hours of fun.