Keeping the Scales as we Age

Don’t toss that bathroom scale out with the trash just yet. This, my gray-haired friends, is the time to use it the most. It is that time of life when the pounds start creeping up even faster than before, amplifying the midsection and thighs; and thus it is the time to start getting a grip on the importance of diet and nutrition. Take heed!

After all, we want to be super fit when we travel and see the world in our senior years. We have the time and money (ok the kids inherit a little less) but you do need your health if you want to walk the Great Wall of China, hike to a glacier in Switzerland, or waterski in the south of France. Whatever your passion, your body is your great limitation. The mind can get you only so far! Work out the former and you are halfway there. No one wants to miss some of the best years of our lives.

Your gain pounds as you age, we know that. But did you also know that you burn more muscle and that’s why older folk look untoned and slack. Don’t let this happen to you. Get out there and exercise more; choose something you enjoy all year round, or that you can rotate with the seasons. Do it with your buddies and you will stick to it a lot longer. There is something to say for camaraderie when it comes to fitness and longevity. A group activity we find to be the perfect solution to almost anything.

Schedule a get together and form an exercise club. Publicize it on social media to attract participants. Post photos and tweets. Everyone will want to take part. Have a meeting and give away a really good digital bathroom scale to the 10th person to sign up. Make it a theme of a lifetime. Everyone will throw in an idea or two to get things rolling. Challenge the overweight and reward them for good results. Go out and celebrate together. This is a wonderful new way of life for retirees ad those with free time. Everyone benefits.

How much exercise is enough? Probably none, meaning you can always do more. Requirements are not stringent for older citizens, but it is recommended to do something physical every day. You won’t have to watch your diet or the scales quite so often. A major travel event could revolve around fishing, camping, sightseeing, or other outdoor activities. Fresh air, sunshine, a brisk breeze—they are all good for the soul.

Make it often enough to be meaningful and have an effect. Routine exercise, like constant vigilance with what you consume in the way of calories, is best. No crash dieting! You have to do it right. Track your weight regularly with a quality digital scale. Counseling could be part of your early group meetings. Sharing recipes, favorite health restaurants, and articles adds to the common store of knowledge. Rotate locations for the meetings and discover new possibilities and places. Remember, it is all about stimulation and looking forward to things as life becomes a bit more routine.