Do Yourself Up Right

No matter how old you are, you want to look glamourous. People see you look the same all the time, so why not surprise them with a new look? If you don’t care about how others see you, do it for yourself. Most of us shop for makeup, jewelry, or new outfits just for the fun of it. It doesn’t have to be a habit, but a pastime nonetheless. Try to focus on something different each month or quarter (if you are on a budget). Accessories like shoes and handbags are on my list. You can’t have enough. But if you want to keep the spending down, get some cosmetics. Use the right foundation and you will have a rosy glow. Red lipstick is the epitome of glamour. If you want to go in a completely different direction, try false eyelashes. You can get them in fancy department stores, the drugstore (you must apply them yourself) or a specialty chain store like Sephora. They will attach them for you. Young women love to use them for a special date night or party. As for us seniors, anytime is right. I believe in living it up.

Other glamour items are earrings and watches, maybe a pretty long scarf. It adds excitement to the dullest outfit. A necklace or pendant will substitute if you prefer. We can’t all afford designer clothes so this is the way to add a nice touch without going overboard. We live in a casual era, anyway, so you can just spiffy up your jeans and tees. For me, the eyelashes are the most dramatic change you can make to your face. A new hairdo can start the process along with the makeup I mentioned. You can go all out or do one or two things alone. Eyelashes, either the false kind or as extensions, deepen the eyes and outline them in a flirty way. You’d be surprised how little a set of Eyelashes to Die For would cost you. There are a dozen styles from which to choose from spidery, fluttery, cat eye, or baby doll. It is so simple to change your image for about ten dollars. If you have them applied professionally, they will stay put for two weeks. You can be a glamour girl virtually all the time. But beware. When you remove them and don’t use mascara, you will have naked eyes.

Yes, false eyelashes take time to put on and take off. You can buy remover that is gentle and nourishing to the delicate skin of the eyelid. You have to be careful that your natural lashes aren’t damaged by the glue. The cheaper the glue (it comes in a tube), the more harm that can be done. You can put oil on your own lashes a couple times a week to protect them from the chemicals. I know it sounds like you will become a high-maintenance gal, but it will soon be a simple routine.

Look in the mirror and admire those lashes. You will never look as divine as right now.