Don’t be a Victim

Getting out alive is what survival is all about. You could be trapped, starving, injured, or otherwise threatened in some drastic way. Whatever the situation, and no matter how dire and whatever your age, you want to prevail. It can happen if you are lucky and among the chosen ones, or you can prepare and ramp up your odds in the face of any catastrophe such as a mugging on the street. You can do it if you keep a clear head about subjects like self defense and not running from the obligation of preparing yourself in advance.

No one likes the idea of carrying a concealed weapon. People often ask me about how to defend yourself without a weapon. Older people are victims of crimes and are not in a position to do some kind of fancy maneuver to fend off an attacker. Forget going to a martial arts class. You may not have the skill and the strength. Learning a few tips may save your precious life. Life-threatening situations are hard to imagine when daily life is humming along nicely. You have to get outside your normal mindset for a moment to envision them. It will put you in a good place, however, when the time comes. Meanwhile you have peace of mind knowing you would be in control and equipped to deal with the unforeseen and the unwanted. This blog today is about becoming more aware.

You can’t underestimate personal threats to your safety. Looting and home invasions can take place. You’ve seen it in dozens of tense movie scenes. If you get aggressive, you may incur retaliation. Perhaps the most basic strategy is to avoid the problem in the first place. Starting a neighborhood watch is advised. There is nothing more fulfilling than survival as a group and overcoming enormous odds as you pull together and fight the unforeseen and unexpected, natural or manmade. A true neighborhood watch is usually a partnership between the police and the residents.

If something terrifying does happen, it is important to keep your wits about you and practice the following principles:

  • Do not argue with assailants
  • Hand over the money or jewelry as demanded
  • Appeal to moral, ethical, and religious principles calmly
  • Do not make a sudden move that might appear as if you are reaching for a weapon
  • While experts say to scream or make a loud scary noise, the response may not be what you expect. It is true that attackers run when they are rattled, but you are taking your chances.
  • Carry mace or pepper spray. It can be your best defense. Also consider a taser, stun gun, or personal alarm.
  • Do not volunteer any item on your person.
  • If you are unharmed, be grateful you are only losing a few bucks.

Self defense is a vast topic and we are offering a few tried and true suggestions to help you address it for the first time. You may have heard of other strategies which we are welcome to hear about and share. Old and young, we are all in it together like it or not.