Kitchen Faucets That Can Help You Travel the World?

If there’s one thing I love more than anything, it’s being able to see something truly brilliant in this world. There are so many hidden wonders and little secret spots that there is always something fascinating and new to see, even when you’ve spent a lifetime traveling! This hobby of mine gets to be expensive at times, which means I need to be smart about how I spend my cash every day.

That meant for my recent kitchen remodeling job, I had a choice to make: did it make more sense to redo the entire kitchen… or did it make more sense to just update the look of it to give it a modern appeal?

I went with the second option and decided to upgrade my sink, my faucets, and restructure my counter just a little. Here’s why I did that.

An Undermount Sink Speaks To Sophistication

After taking a look at all of my options, I knew that putting in an undermount sink would be the best way to improve my look. I know this won’t necessarily work for everyone, but I’ve got a sink that’s situated on a central island in my kitchen. All I needed to do was remove the old sink and faucets, then remove the old block of countertop that was there as well.

Then I could install the undermount sink. If you’ve never seen one of these before, they sit underneath your countertop instead of on top of it, so your look is more clean and modern because the counter goes right up to the sink! It takes a little more work and you’ll have to drill through your counter to install your faucet, but the investment in time and money is worth the cost.

I’d also heard that undermount sinks can create a lot of mold and mildew when they’re not installed properly. I made sure that we took extra care and time during the process of fitting the new undermount sink to have everything fully sealed off so no moisture could get trapped in the counter/sink joint.

What About the Kitchen Faucets?

The reason why I chose the undermount sink was that it opened up a world of possibilities to me for the style of faucet I wanted to install. Many of today’s traditional sinks have three or four holes that are pre-drilled into them and this limits that type of faucets that you can select. You’ve either got to choose one that has dual handles or you’ve got to make sure a matching counterplate comes with the product to cover the extra holes.

Since I had to drill the holes for my faucet, I could choose whatever type of faucet I wanted. Even the heavy brass faucets would work with my new look because I could reinforce the mounting position during the sink installation process. After spending a few hours reading kitchen faucet reviews online, I decided to go with a single mount, solid brass faucet that weight about 7 pounds so it will still look good over time, yet still give me a lot of durability.

I love to see the world, but I hate to compromise on quality just to save some cash. In doing this remodel, I got the best of both worlds. That’s why I’m sharing this: because maybe you can save some cash and travel too.