Don’t be a Victim

Getting out alive is what survival is all about. You could be trapped, starving, injured, or otherwise threatened in some drastic way. Whatever the situation, and no matter how dire and whatever your age, you want to prevail. It can happen if you are lucky and among the chosen ones, or you can prepare and ramp up your odds in the face of any catastrophe such as a mugging on the street. You can do it if you keep a clear head about subjects like self defense and not running from the obligation of preparing yourself in advance.

No one likes the idea of carrying a concealed weapon. People often ask me about how to defend yourself without a weapon. Older people are victims of crimes and are not in a position to do some kind of fancy maneuver to fend off an attacker. Forget going to a martial arts class. You may not have the skill and the strength. Learning a few tips may save your precious life. Life-threatening situations are hard to imagine when daily life is humming along nicely. You have to get outside your normal mindset for a moment to envision them. It will put you in a good place, however, when the time comes. Meanwhile you have peace of mind knowing you would be in control and equipped to deal with the unforeseen and the unwanted. This blog today is about becoming more aware.

You can’t underestimate personal threats to your safety. Looting and home invasions can take place. You’ve seen it in dozens of tense movie scenes. If you get aggressive, you may incur retaliation. Perhaps the most basic strategy is to avoid the problem in the first place. Starting a neighborhood watch is advised. There is nothing more fulfilling than survival as a group and overcoming enormous odds as you pull together and fight the unforeseen and unexpected, natural or manmade. A true neighborhood watch is usually a partnership between the police and the residents.

If something terrifying does happen, it is important to keep your wits about you and practice the following principles:

  • Do not argue with assailants
  • Hand over the money or jewelry as demanded
  • Appeal to moral, ethical, and religious principles calmly
  • Do not make a sudden move that might appear as if you are reaching for a weapon
  • While experts say to scream or make a loud scary noise, the response may not be what you expect. It is true that attackers run when they are rattled, but you are taking your chances.
  • Carry mace or pepper spray. It can be your best defense. Also consider a taser, stun gun, or personal alarm.
  • Do not volunteer any item on your person.
  • If you are unharmed, be grateful you are only losing a few bucks.

Self defense is a vast topic and we are offering a few tried and true suggestions to help you address it for the first time. You may have heard of other strategies which we are welcome to hear about and share. Old and young, we are all in it together like it or not.

What a Muddy Mess!

We don’t let a little bad weather deter our fine group. We get out in the wilds during the wet season just as we do in the milder times. We are adventurers. Northern Australia can get rugged, especially when the rains soak the ground. Oh, God, the mud! You know what? We take along a light, portable pressure washer just in case (found a good one online at Our progress is never impeded with this handy device in tow. You toss it in the trunk and forget about it until it’s needed. That time will come.

When the sun comes out after a downpour, you know what the car or van looks like. It is caked with mud and practically invisible at times. If you are in a caravan, it looks like a row of exotic brown beasts with elephantine skin. It could be a parade of dirty mammoths. You need more than a normal amount of elbow grease to get the muck off. Here’s where the pressure washer does its job. As for the mates, they only take hot showers. The nozzle is not for delicate human skin.

An RV needs care and feeding, if not some regular attention. You can’t do it every day and have to let the weather take its toll. Then again, there are those times when you can’t even see through the windshield. There might be a critter in the road or a mighty kangaroo. I don’t care so much for dingos, but I wouldn’t want to hit one! I want visibility, pure and simple. Wiping the glass with a wet rag just smears mud around in a lovely circle, like finger painting with goo. Not my idea of fun (although it would appeal to the grandkids).

If there are many of you on the road together as a cohesive unit, a few pressure washers are called for. More than one of us possesses a decent one. I like to test mi ne out before taking off from home, making sure I have the fuel or electric connectors, the appropriate nozzle, and assorted brush attachments. You don’t need the fanciest or most expensive model for basic use. For those known to be a bit absent-minded, don’t forget to bring it back with you. You might not notice until the next trip…and then it is too late.

Our group likes to explore the back trails—the byways, not the highways. We like to take chances and encounter the unexpected. We have had our run-ins with hunters and protective locals. In good weather we can get out and chat, make friends, and be on our way. We are a harmless bunch out for fun and games. We don’t trespass or raise a ruckus. We are laid back and fancy free. Those who go along are up for some good times. There is a little manual labor, okay, but it is what you have to do to earn the privilege of life on the open road, even if it is for a moment or two.

Spending the Kids Inheritance Responsibly

When I was working I could not wait for the day that I would be able to retire. Now that I was able to stop working all is not as peaceful as I though it would be. I was not worried about myself and paying for my expenses. My house is paid off, my car is working fine, and I had a decent job with a nice pension plan. I am worried about my adult children. When I die I do not want to leave them with a large amount of debt. There are things that I am taking care of while I am still alive and in sound mind. Instead of leaving them an inheritance I am using the money in responsible ways in order to get all of my affairs in order.

I know the costs of funerals are very expensive. That is why I am prepaying for everything. I do not want a big affair but just the basic services can cost several thousand dollars. I want to be cremated when I die and I have already chosen a provider and paid for the cost of cremation. The urn is already bought and paid for too. I found a funeral home and already paid for a simple service. I went to the cemetery and bought a plot for my ashes. When I go I want to be put in it with my wife, whose services and cremation are paid for as well. I have some money set aside in a separate account if the children want to have some kind of service after the funeral.

Since all the final expenses have been paid for I am also making sure there is no outstanding debt that will be passed down to the children. I paid my car in full when I got it. I had to save for a couple of months but there is no car payment to have to worry about. I pay my credit card bills in full every month so there will be no debt with them. The taxes on the house are paid a year in advance. The car insurance is paid yearly instead of monthly. This will ensure that everything is current and up to date. There will be no outstanding debt to creditors. However, we still have plenty of money to travel and see Australia and the world as well.

While many people work hard to get leave behind an inheritance for their children I would rather leave them free of debt. They will not have to worry about coming up with money for my final expenses and outstanding bill. This way no one will have to fight and argue about who is going to pay what as well. While there is not going to be a lot of money left in my bank account everything will be taken care of so I will not have to worry about my family in my final moments.