Travelling around Australia in a campervan – Part 1


Hello there, it’s Dave again.

It’s been a busy weekend looking after the grand children but it looks like we might be in luck. My wife Maggie’s friend Carol and her husband Alan have decided to go on a little cross-country trip next Saturday. They did it last year but we couldn’t make it, we had family come over to visit us. Maggie and Carol had a chat about it, did what girls do, got everything planned and arranged before we could put a word in edgeways and it looks like this show is ready to hit the road. Alan’s a good guy, always liked him. He used to run a construction company, which he passed over, to his sons. Carol’s great too, she used to work with Maggie at the doctor’s practice. We’ve known them for 35 years; saw our kids growing up together, always lived in the same neighbourhood too.

So the idea is to go on a 2-week trip around the country. Each couple will rent a campervan and we’ll have stopovers in different places. It’s very much the done thing for people our age, it’s the perfect way to have a nice holiday and discover the country, which is a huge territory. The idea will be to take the Great Ocean Road all the way to Mount Gambier. From Melbourne, where we all live, it should be a 6 to 6 and a half hours drive. The Great Ocean Road is a little bit like the Highway 61 of Australia. It’s very famous because it was partly built by World War I Australian soldiers upon their return from overseas and it is a bit of a memorial for those who didn’t come back. It’s a beautiful road all across the southeastern part of the country. That’s where kids who are into their surfing go in the summer. Mount Gambier is a lovely town on the South Coast of the country. Maggie and I have never been before. There’s great wild life there and the landscape is apparently breath taking, so we’re definitely looking forward to that.

Then we’ll be headed for Adelaide, which is the biggest city in South Australia and the 5th largest one in the country. We won’t stop there though because we’re supposed to get to Perth before embarking on the next part of the journey. We’ll be driving through Nullarbor Plain, which is quite an unusual sight. It’s right in the middle of what used to be Aboriginal land. It was considered inhospitable for a long time because it is a long stretch of desert. This land is the heart of the Australia Outback and it is a feat to cross it. That in itself, should make the trip to Perth worth our while.