Travelling around Australia in a campervan – Part 3


Hello my good readers and welcome to Brisbane on the South East Queensland state.

It’s been a bit of a trek since the last blog so I’ll try to fill you in about what happened. We left our van in Ayers Rock as you might remember and flew over to Cairns as planned. We had a good flight and it was a bit strange to think of how many miles we had covered over the last few weeks. Cairns is a big sunny city, which is the ideal spot to start exploring the Territory of Queensland. One of its most famous attractions is the Great Reef Barrier, which is a breath-taking site.

This part of the country has always had to deal with extreme weather conditions. Cyclones are not unlikely to take the area by storm and it can be a bit overwhelming to live here sometimes I must admit. It is still a very popular tourist destination, not least because it is a good entry point for Chinese businessmen and visitors throughout the year. It is also a town which Australians like to visit during those cross-country trips. A bit like the one we’ve undertaken just because it has that sense of being a part of the journey as one of the country’s major cities.

Before arriving to Brisbane, where we are now, we stopped over by Townsville, on the North east coast of the state of Queensland. The city is known for the crucial part it played during World War II for the Allied soldiers. A lot of the American troops that battled against the Japanese during the Pacific War were stationed in Townsville. They still have many historical sites in memory of the veterans who gave their lives and I think they even have a couple of American military bases stationed there too.

So after Townsville we arrived in Brisbane yesterday. This is about as big as you’re going to get in terms of population for a city in Australia, there’s almost 2 and a half million people living here. It’s a city that has gone from strength to strength economically, it’s one of our most modern cities. There’s a lot of money going into high tech industries and information technology related businesses. Brisbane also has a lot of major cultural events that are renowned internationally. The Royal Queensland Exhibition, the River Festival, as well as the Queensland gallery of Modern Art are very popular and attract a huge turnaround all year long.

After Brisbane we’ll be leaving for the Gold Coast, another “must see” sight for cross-country trekkers like us. It has splendid weather all year long and again very popular with visitors to Australia. We do have the advantage of being a country with great weather almost throughout the year and it certainly helps our economy a great deal. Another thing we will be looking forward to see is the works they might have started doing there for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. We’ve always been a proud participant in the Games and it will be an honour to host the event.

I’ll look forward to catch up soon. Bye from Dave.