Ways to Earn a Bit of Extra Money as a Retired Traveler

Retired individuals sometimes need to have a little extra income on the side and in some cases this should be work that older people can handle easily depending on the individual’s health. Doing a little freelance work online using freelancing websites can help bring in that extra income, as long as the traveling retiree has access to the money earned, such as through PayPal or some other type of online money depository service. Directly depositing that money to a bank account makes it easier for the traveler to have access to his or her funds through the internet. Some types of jobs that are available are article writing, photography, voice talent, such as reading stories aloud, performing small tasks, or doing surveys.

The retired traveler can earn considerable extra cash by retrieving sellable items out of dumpsters. Known as dumpster diving, this practice often results in considerable extra income through sales on online marketplaces such as eBay. Some folks even make their entire living this way. People throw away perfectly good items all the time and some of them are quite valuable. You need to be aware of the laws regarding going through trash in the state where you are visiting before attempting this, however.  A few moments online doing research on the subject will give you all the information he or she needs before starting.

In some places soft drink and beer bottles and cans are returnable for a small amount of cash. Again, research is necessary to find out where returns are and aren’t allowed. In Australia, there is a 10c deposit on bottles and cans sold in SA/NT only. Picking up empty bottles and cans not only helps immediately clean up the environment but also gets those items recycled, which prevents them from ending up in landfills. It’s a win-win situation and the person collecting the bottles and cans gets a little extra income, not to mention some exercise out of the situation. Another related job opportunity is scrapping, where people pick through trash to find metals that can be sold to scrap yards. Discarded metals are everywhere and scrappers can pick up considerable extra cash doing this.

Part time jobs are everywhere. The retired traveler can pick up a job at a store as a greeter, or perhaps in a pub or bar serving beers. There are a lot of businesses that actually prefer hiring older people because they are often more reliable than young adults or teenagers. If the retired traveler is planning to spend considerable time in one place, then getting a part time job would be a decent idea. Just note that for some jobs, you are required to hold certain qualifications or certifications – i.e. to serve alcohol in a pub, you may need to hold a Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate. These are fairly easy to obtain, and most people choose to get it online, which allows you to work at your own pace and print off a certificate in about 2-3 hours total.

For those who prefer to be on the move all the time, getting a job that requires considerable travel, such as door to door sales, might be the thing to try for, if the person has an aptitude for that sort of thing. Driving a truck and making deliveries is another option as long as the retiree gets a special driver’s license before-hand.